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Patient information content supplied by eOrthopod

The information provided in these pages is licensed from an American surgical multimedia information provider. It represents general information on a variety of orthopaedic topics. The information may not always be entirely relevant to Australian assessments and management.

Dr Mackie does provide additional information to the majority of patients presenting for assessment and treatment of orthopaedic conditions. Questions arising from the content of these information pages may require a review consultation with Dr Mackie.

Dr Mackie has provided adult and paediatric orthopaedic care in Hobart since 2005. Services are provided to the Royal Hobart Hospital and all private hospitals. Most paediatric orthopaedic care is provided at the Royal Hobart Hospital due to the additional supports required.

Please contact Dr Mackie's office if you wish to arrange consultation or further information.

The information contained within these pages is the property of the Mosaic Medical Group L.L.C. and we retain all rights regarding its content. Alteration of these documents in any way is a violation of the copyright.