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Is there any connection between leukemia and metal implants used for joint replacement? I know it sounds like a long shot but my father was just diagnosed with leukemia. His blood work has shown elevated levels of chromium in the past. The doctor always thought this was from his metal hip joint replacement but didn't think it was a problem. Could there be a link? 0 sec ago 1,908
I am in my early 50s now but way back when I was a teenager, I had my left hip pinned to treat slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE). Now I need a hip replacement. How hard is it to work with a hip that isn't the right shape and that has pins in it? 41 weeks 4 days ago 228
Please help me explain something to my 71-year-old grandpa. He needs a hip replacement. The doctor told him that part of his thigh bone (the neck?) is short and twisted. They will have to "fix" this during the operation. What do they do to fix this problem? 41 weeks 4 days ago 189
I'm having a weird thing going on with my right hip. I noticed that I used to be able to sit on the floor with both legs to one side. Now I can only do that to the left. If I try to put my legs to the right side, the right hip just won't go any more. And I'm having pain in that hip, especially if I sit too long at my desk or watching TV. Any ideas what could be causing this kind of problem? 47 weeks 6 days ago 330
My mother needs a hip replacement badly. But the orthopedic surgeons at our hospital are so booked up, they can't fit her in until next September. What in the world is going on here? 48 weeks 4 days ago 311


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