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Do you think it's reasonable that my tennis elbow is going to take a full year to heal? That's what both the surgeon and the physical therapist said. That seems like a very long time to me. I usually heal fairly quickly from most other injuries. Why does this take so long? 1 year 48 weeks ago 433
I just came back from a hand surgeon's office where I was evaluated for possible surgery for a problem called cubital tunnel syndrome. I have some time to think this over before scheduling anything. The surgeon told me there can be problems with this type of surgery and that there is a chance I could get worse instead of better. How do I tell if I'm one of the people who would have complications? 1 year 48 weeks ago 346
I wish I had never had surgery for my elbow problem. Why don't surgeons tell patients they can get worse instead of better? I have something called cubital tunnel syndrome. Nothing helped reduce the pain, numbness, or weakness so I opted for the surgery. Big mistake. Please tell your readers not to have surgery for this problem. It isn't worth it! 1 year 48 weeks ago 763
I had a car-bike accident eight weeks ago (I was on the bike) and I still have some significant elbow pain and stiffness. I saw an orthopedic surgeon who recommended physical therapy but what will the therapist do that I can't do myself? 2 years 2 weeks ago 387
I'm struggling to get back the last 20 degrees of elbow extension I lost when I fell and hurt my arm. I can't make the arm straighten no matter what I do. What's going on inside there anyway? 2 years 2 weeks ago 807


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