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O geez. I sprained the outside edge of my left ankle two months ago and it never healed right. Clicking, popping, pain, etc. Finally saw an orthopedist. Said I need surgery because the tendon is popping in and out of the groove. Yikes. Is there anything else that can be done? 1 year 51 weeks ago 488
I'm trying to find some information on ankle replacement surgery. I've seen two surgeons who both think I'm a pretty good candidate for this type of surgery. I've talked with two other patients who seem very happy with their results. What's the general word on the street about doing this? I know it's a fairly new-ish procedure and that it hasn't been perfected yet. What do you think I should know? 2 years 7 weeks ago 603
I have the most painful ankle in the world. In fact, I'm literally ready to have the surgeon just cut the foot off. I can't walk much less run. Can't ride my horse anymore. Can't keep up with my grandkids. I asked about a joint replacement but the surgeon put me off. Said it was too 'experimental.' I know people are getting them. What do other patients say about their results? If it's good, I'm going to find someone to do the surgery anyway. 2 years 7 weeks ago 400
I had some special injections to my knee for arthritis that helped smooth things out and improve pain and motion. It was expensive but my insurance company paid for it (well they paid the usual 80 per cent). I asked about having the same treatment for my ankle arthritis and they flat refused to pay. What's up with that? Can I fight it? 2 years 7 weeks ago 384
Do you think they will ever approve the use of injections of rooster combs into the ankle for arthritis? It worked great for both my knees but when I asked about using it for my ankle arthritis I was told the FDA hasn't approved it for that type of use yet. How long will I have to wait? 2 years 7 weeks ago 1,162


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