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I have what's called end-stage arthritis in my left ankle. It really affects my walking. Even getting around the house can be a real chore some days. I try not to let this get me down but I have to admit it does put a damper on my life. Do other people feel this way too? Or am I just having a pity party for myself? 2 years 16 weeks ago 913
I'm checking to see what you know about a bone graft to the talus bone of the ankle. This is supposed to fill in a hole in the ankle bone where I had a major injury from spraining my ankle. I guess what I really want to know is whether or not I'll be able to play ball again. I'm not a professional athlete or anything like that. But I like to play all kinds of intramural and recreational sports. Am I looking at being sidelined for the rest of my life? 2 years 18 weeks ago 766
I'm searching the web for any information I can find about severe ankle sprains with bone damage. The surgeon says I have an osteochondral lesion -- that's a hole in the bone where the injury was the worst. I guess it was a bad enough sprain to actually pull away some cartilage and a piece of bone with it. I see there is a lot of information about this type of injury in the knee but not much on the ankle. Can the ankle be treated with the OAT bone grafting they use in the knee? 2 years 18 weeks ago 630
I sprained my ankle doing a stupid move on my motorcycle. It never seemed to heal so I finally went in for help. They discovered the tendons along the outside of my leg aren't staying in the groove where they are supposed to be. The doc said it was unusual but I didn't catch what was unusual and why mine aren't staying where they are supposed to. Can you help explain this to me? 2 years 20 weeks ago 695
O geez. I sprained the outside edge of my left ankle two months ago and it never healed right. Clicking, popping, pain, etc. Finally saw an orthopedist. Said I need surgery because the tendon is popping in and out of the groove. Yikes. Is there anything else that can be done? 2 years 20 weeks ago 617


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