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After tearing my Achilles tendon, I've been put on a special program of wearing a removable brace and gently moving my ankle through part of the motion twice a day. I feel really apprehensive about the movement. I'm worried I'll retear the healing tissue. The surgeon assures me I'll be fine if I follow his instructions exactly. What do you think? 1 year 34 weeks ago 417
I just noticed yesterday when I was playing Simon Says with my five-year-old that I can no longer stand on my left leg without falling over. I did have surgery on that side two years ago for a badly sprained ankle. But I went through physical therapy and everything seemed fine back then. Is this normal? Should I be worried? 1 year 40 weeks ago 353
Well, it's getting near the end of the year. Time to make a decision about my poor ankle before my insurance runs out and I have to start my deductible all over again. The surgeon says I have a chronically unstable ankle from a dozen sprains and resprains. It's all been on the outside of the ankle. Lucky me. But really I guess I am fortunate because this surgeon does something new called a hybrid ligament reconstruction. What do you guys know about this operation? Should I go with it? 1 year 40 weeks ago 414
My parents are at the hospital with my younger sister who twisted her ankle while running. She's 11-years-old but still kind of clumsy. They called and said she might have to have surgery. Why would you have to have surgery for an ankle sprain? 2 years 8 weeks ago 425
I have arthritis in one ankle from a bad break I got when I was a wild and wooley 20-something. Now I'm paying for it in my 40s. Is there any way to tell if I'm getting worse over time and when I should have surgery? I want to put it off for as long as possible. 2 years 15 weeks ago 458


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